Why Are You Addicted? Eutaptics Can Help You Turn It Around!

Why Are You Addicted? Faster EFT Can Help You Turn It Around

If you’re born to parents who are emotionally healthy, they’re financially sound and have been trying to have a baby for a while – you are going to be their golden child. They are going to nurture you, take care of you and provide you with the best that life has to offer.

They are going to take care of your needs, wants and desires and will put you into the best schools and colleges they can afford.

Now on the other hand, if you’re the last of eleven children, you’re not going to be given special treatment. You’re just another one of the herd and you’re probably not going to receive very much love.

Your parents will be working to keep food on the table for 11 kids plus two adults. They’re going to be short tempered, rude, and you’re going to have the fight with your siblings to get what you want. In other words, your experience of childhood will be completely different than if you’re born to privileged parents.


You came into this world and it was set up for you. People keep asking Robert why they’re so troubled, addicted, destructive etc. The reason is because of the environment that you grew up in and the experiences that shaped you.

Everyone is given a set of circumstances which they use to form a view of the world. You make the best out of the told you have available.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with you. Whether you’re an addict or not. You just know how to have problems. You just haven’t figured out how to change how you think.


Many people are taught growing up that it’s weak to show emotion. While that may have served you on a few occasions, on the inside, within your mind, trouble is brewing. Pretending or ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.

On the contrary, it just creates more of the same within your mind, so that you continually begin to think the same negative thoughts, leading to negative behavior which leads to a negative lifestyle over decades.

The amazing thing about Eutaptics is that it doesn’t take decades to get you out of that rut. You can clear your mind within a few weeks if you really keep at it. You can clear your addictions by really focusing on wanting to change. It’s all starts with you.

People try to run from their feelings by over-eating, smoking, doing drugs, drinking too much alcohol, over indulging in sex – whatever means they choose. The cause remains the same: the problems they hold within their minds and the thought pattern that supports it.

For example, suppose you are addicted to overeating. Your doctor has told you that you’ve got to lose weight for your health but you just can’t seem to stop. Anytime you get upset, you eat 3 bars of chocolate, a cake, two bottles of soda and you still can’t seem to feel better. That, is an addiction.

What Robert discovered is that weight loss isn’t really about losing weight. You think the solution would be simple enough – stop eating. Just like smoking isn’t really about getting that nicotine rush or relaxing. It’s about escaping – albeit temporarily, but that’s the bottom line.

When you’re willing to do whatever, you can to avoid the problem – that is where the solution lies. Confronting your problem that causes you to feel bad, which then causes you to smoke, eat, do drugs, etc.

The solution lies in taking control – of your own MIND. When things outside you have more power over you, that’s when you have to really dig in your heels and commit to getting the power back.

If people spent half as much time and energy as they do in indulging in destructive habits in actually going to the root cause of their issue and clearing it – they’d be the happiest people! And it’s so simple, because FasterEFT makes it so.

The following video is a great explanation by Robert G. Smith, creator of Eutaptics, about addiction.

We’re not saying Eutaptics is a magic potion that can immediately replace years of abusive habits. But it is a very powerful tool that makes literal changes to your brain chemistry, freeing you from the cause of your addiction.

What is Eutaptics?

The past is inexistent, what’s done is done. The only reason our pasts seems real to us is when we give rise to emotions and then direct these emotions to a previous event, our minds automatically recreates the reality. It will feel as if it exists and there to stay. When we continue to do this, the only reality a person lives in are actually re-creations based on the records held within the subconscious mind.

To change these records, we use Eutaptics. Find out why and how Eutaptics works.

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  • December 16, 2016

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