Understanding Addiction: Eutaptics on Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Eutaptics is a mental healing system with a different take on addiction. It doesn’t matter if your addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, etc. Any form of addiction is viewed in Eutaptics as a coping skill developed by the mind to escape and avoid. Escapeaholics and avoidaholics, that is what they are.

Some modalities often mistakenly assume that drug abusers are people who lack moral principles and willpower. But the truth is, everyone, including drug addicts are all functioning in perfect alignment to what the mind assumes to be right in order to feel safe and within its comfort zone.

Every behavior, mental or physical, has its roots in the mind. In this understanding, we can combat addiction by uprooting the main cause of why a person is drawn to a particular kind of chemical.


In other words, the question, “why a person becomes an addict?” has nothing to do with the chemicals in the drug or the environment at play, it has more to do with the mental pattern and structure of thoughts.

Drug addiction is a complex coping skill and healing from drug addiction has a lot to do with first understanding the source of addiction and then carefully applying processes to reimprint the memories that triggers it. It is because addiction, like any other pattern works imprint to imprint within the mind.

Changing the imprints means changing the behavior, Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting works best on addictions because it does not only get rid of the root cause but ensures no relapse, ensuring lasting healing.

If you are worried about your own addictive behavior, a friend or a relative, you can begin a 7 Day Quick Start Course for free and see for yourself how you can make positive changes in life.

Formation of Mental Patterns Causing Addiction

The chemicals contained in drugs change the brain’s communication system, but in cases of addictions, the “thrill” in acquiring the drug or any substance is in itself addictive. The mind’s perception of these “thrill” alone can produce brain chemicals that makes the person feel good.

What really the chemicals contained in drugs do is “trick” the mind into feeling good. Because of this, the person acquires a sense of forgetting or escaping a memory, a thought or emotion instead of experiencing it.

There is a high chance the people who have experienced a certain amount or kind of trauma such as child abuse may result to any form of addiction. It is a way to feel “numb” and avoid.

In other words, experiential avoidance is forerunner in most type of addictions. The memories contained within the subconscious and the unconscious creates mental patterns that evokes the use of drugs or alcohol to numb a painful experience. The reason Eutaptics works best on addictions is because it can clearly map the thought or memory of the primary imprint of addiction, collapse it and reimprint neutral or positive memories to create lasting results.

How Does a Person Become an Addict?

There is no exact factor that can predict what will cause the person to become addicted to drugs. The risk for addiction is influenced by a coping mechanism unique to an individual.

Meaning even if two individuals grew up on the same household, with very similar experiences, one might become addicted to a particular substance and the other do not. The primary reason for this is because, both of the individuals have unique coping skills, the mind is unique, as such – the behavior and tendencies are unique.

To really help a person rebuild sustainable happiness and eradicate addictive behavior the most important thing to be done is identify the source of addiction from within the layers of consciousness and collapse the interlinked structure of thoughts.

Addiction is not a mental disease, it is a complex set of coping skills that can be changed through the Eutaptics process.

FasterEFT Provides Efficient Resolution to Addiction

Eutaptics can activate mental healing, it can hack through the mind of person who have addictive tendencies and rebuild sustainable happiness that contributes to the person’s overall sense of self.

It is a non-invasive process that if properly applied not only solves addiction problems of drug dependent individuals but prevent relapse and other symptoms of withdrawal with mental origin.

If you need help, seek a Eutaptics practitioner to get rid of your own, a friend or a relative’s addictive behavior and tendencies. The creator of Eutaptics himself, Robert G. Smith, offers coaching and addiction-focused sessions.

Taking action to lift addictive tendencies off the mind remains to be the most efficient way of handling any form of addiction.

You can compensate your problems as you want by (eating, smoking, drinking, drugging, Facebooking), but when you come back to the problem, it’s still there. You have to address and change the emotions and the proofs in order to solve the problem. – Robert G. Smith

robertsmithBook a Faster EFT Session with Robert Smith

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  • December 2, 2016

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