Top Reasons Why People Fail to Conquer Addictions

People who are addicted to a particular substance have very high chances of relapse within the first couple of days or weeks after quitting. It often takes a few attempts before the person is able to break free from alcohol and drug addiction. Unfortunately, for most people it appears like they are caught up in a loop and never get to the point of truly quitting.

Eutaptics is a healing system that works best on addictions because it has a complete understanding on how we produce addictive behaviors. Without proper help, a person who is in continued substance abuse can become even more addicted and result to major life problems.

The Following are Dangers of Substance Abuse:

  1. Addiction can lead to death. Dependence to a particular substance can deteriorate the body very fast. Cellular regrowth is nearly impossible in substance abuse. The person I often tricked by the feel-good chemicals that everything is fine and the body is fine as it continues to produce numbing effects both on the brain and body.

In reality, nothing is fine and the drug or alcohol dependent mind is just making it up, creating mental patterns that signals more of the particular substance.

  1. The person will definitely hit rock bottom sooner or later. As the mind continues to be addicted to the effects of alcohol or drugs, the body is convinced that it is needed, raising the need for it in the physical level.

This will definitely cause to person to lose everything, not just financially but lose valuable social connections that can be a source of support. Until the person realizes the devastating effects of addiction in all corners of life, they will continue to hit rock bottom and recovery may seem impossible.

  1. The dangers of drug and alcohol addiction is not limited to the individual but it ripples through his family and friends. The longer the person suffers, so does family and friends.
  2. The longer the addiction is, the harder it is to bounce back. Addiction has the ability to drain an individual of positive mental patterns, self-love being one. As the person continues to live a life in bleak, it might get harder to find the light at the other end of the tunnel.
  3. Substances are harmful chemicals, combine that with the inability to stick to healthy diet, it is a perfect recipe for extreme chronic and acute health issues. Before the damages even get to the visible organs of the body, the internal organs, especially the nervous system is the most affected.

Unfortunately, neural regrowth is close to impossible, some extreme drugs can cause permanent damages.

  1. Losing valuable time. As a drug-dependent individual continues to suffer, their minds have built walls in admitting reality. The mind continues to adopt into delusions, during the time of dependence, the person does not see reality as it should be and bad decisions are often made. There is no way reverting this time that could have contributed to progress.

Eutaptics’ Understanding of Addictions

Rather than looking at addicts as broken and damaged people. Eutaptics sees drug dependents and alcohol dependent individuals as people who need help. They are people suffering from extreme pain that might have been caused by traumatic experience, either recently, in childhood or recurring.

Addiction is a coping skill of the mind to avoid confrontation of the problem. There is no positive outcome in it. However, helping person who is going through severe addiction must be taken with caution because we are dealing more than just the substance, to heal addiction means healing the source of it within the mind.

This is what Eutaptics does best in addressing addictions, healing the source. Eutaptics is a collection of the most highly effective techniques in mental healing applying down to earth logic. It understands that the behavior of a drug addict is simple a defense mechanism to avoid.

Avoiding what? Emotions, the pain, hurt, emptiness and others.

Simply put that addiction cannot exist if there is no memory fueling the interlinked mental patterns of negative thoughts. The mind is similar to a gas engine. Meaning, it is impossible for it to function without fuel. Consider for a second that thoughts and memories are what fuels to mind to function.

It is All about YOU, NOW! Robert Smith explains how memories work and the secret that will change your life forever. from Eutaptics on Vimeo.

To break-free from addiction means to change the fuel, not the engine. We are only given one engine in this life, the good thing about this engine is that it can go one for a very long period of time and is capable of boundless change. It is the type of fuel that you need to change, and it will function back to normal if you.

Easier said than done. But with the help of Eutaptics you can change this fuel by applying memory reimprinting. It is a powerful process that has the ability to collapse mental patterns contributing to formation of negative thoughts structure. In other words, Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting has the ability to change what fuels your engine. Giving you a new and better chances in life as it allows you to also change your emotional compass.

qtq80-x2Dv6iOvercoming Addictions by Activating the Power of the Mind

Eutaptics is the only mind-body healing system with a complete understanding on how to collapse the structure of any kind of  addiction within the mind. It combines the most powerful and beneficial elements of EFT, NLP, BSFF, Science, Spiritual Understanding and the mind’s boundless ability to transform itself.

Eutaptics is a guaranteed safe and powerful tool that can complement other healing methods. Find out more now!

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  • December 6, 2016

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