Overcoming Drug Addiction with Eutaptics

The Unseen Source of Addictions: Psychological and Emotional Traumas

The craving for taking a shot of cocaine is gone. How? It used to be there like a constant companion, like a never-ending thirst. And now, it’s gone. Would you love to feel the feeling of being free?

Of not having to rely upon a foreign substance to make you feel validated and secure? Of knowing that you can do whatever you want to do without resorting to destructive behavior if you try and fail? How liberating does that feel?

The Answer to Addiction Eutaptics

With Eutaptics our goal is not to have zero emotions. We want you to have emotions but, positive ones only – like happiness, gratitude, excitement, joy etc. You may think that just because you are not able to feel the negative feelings associated with an issue, it is gone.

The truth is that only 1/5th of the types memory in the mind’s representational system is being addressed, you may have not feelings towards an event or issue but internally you could still have a visual construction that still displays the same issue but in a different way.

You may have sounds or words but no feelings and still have the issue so we want to make sure the entire representation is completely rewritten so that way you will produce from the new resource which is now a total reimprint.

Like teaching a child the alphabet for the first time, we teach you to train your brain to think differently for the first time.

Usually stress is a trigger. People suffer from all kinds of stress from a very early age – “I don’t like getting sleepy, otherwise the nightmares will start.”, “I don’t want to feel unworthy”, “It’s Friday night and I have nothing to do, so I might as well just take a hit.”

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be any extreme negative emotional stuff. It could just be a very routine thing, but because your mind is conditioned to taking drugs, like it is for teenagers to play video games, you do it.

Recover from Addictions – Transform Your Life

“Transform Your Life with Eutaptics” contains almost 9 hours of video to help you learn the basics of Eutaptics including the Eutaptics belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and how to release those problems using the Eutaptics tapping style. It will teach you how to fix problems in your life and give you a sense of peace. It also includes live demonstrations of the Eutaptics tapping process by Robert Smith. See full course outline here.

There doesn’t have to be a pressing reason behind your addiction – it could simply be a coping mechanism which has developed into a habit, like brushing your teeth.

The beauty about using Eutaptics to heal yourself of drug addiction is that it all starts and ends with you. Your mind is your canvas, and you can paint it however you want to. Many drug addicts try and heal themselves.

They check into rehab centers, sometimes mandatory (court ordered), or sometimes they check themselves into a halfway house. They get themselves into a 12-step program. They try, they really do, but 99% of the time they fail to break the addiction. Why? Barely working.

Why are you addicted?

From an addict’s perspective, the answer is simple, it’s a poor choice, an emotional response to something you didn’t know how to handle. You are addicted because you believe you are. You’ve trained your mind to accept that you won’t get any better because that’s what society says. Or that you were born into an addiction inflicted family.

The mind has this incredible ability to think thoughts, and attract similar thoughts and before you know it, a whole web has been formed. Suppose you want to stop smoking, but then you start thinking about how good the high feels after you have a smoke.

You close your eyes and remember the first time you smoked. It makes you feel good, it’s like you’re back there again and before you know it, you’re reaching for a cigarette. There’s goes your will power.

The memory of taking a hit, and feeling the high feeling in your body overcomes your will to stop smoking. Notice the sensations in your body while you re-live the memory in your mind. That’s how addiction works. It makes you crave something just by thinking about it.

Complete Download Collection

The “Complete Download Collection” is a collection of our best video and audio downloads. There are 27 life-changing downloadable video (MP4) and audio (MP3) files into this collection that cover the Eutaptics system and how it can help you with weight loss, sexual abuse, personal power, drug addiction, healing and more! These files can be downloaded instantly and played on most modern computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Click here to get your copy.

Why FasterEFT Addiction Protocol Works

The set-up phrase is basically an aiming process. We aim directly at the internal representation and allow the unconscious mind to make the changes. Eutaptics aims directly at the trance state by using the statement – “See what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt, you got it?” Then once your body starts to produce the familiar sensations, we tap.

The Eutaptics tapping points are aimed towards using the key organs like the bladder, gallbladder, stomach, kidneys, lungs, large intestine, circulation, triple warmer, heart and small intestines.

Since we start out with a problem, in this case drug addiction trance, we end with the grabbing of the wrist after a deep breath and exhalation. With this we create a tranced state of relaxation, aka the Peace state. We keep repeating this cycle until that trance that caused you to reach for the needle is gone completely.

You do the sessions, change the memories and take away their power to trigger you to reach for the drug. They help you change memories and address your addiction, the addictive thinking of falling into a negative cycle instead of a positive cycle of thinking.

Changing old patterns of thinking will result in the physical changes. Testing and retesting is the key. Keep going until you can’t feel the feeling of being high. You know you’ve nipped it in the bud when you think about taking a hit but you realize you have something better to do instead of reaching for that drug. That’s when you know you are free.

Book a Eutaptics Session with Robert Smith

A session with the Eutaptics Master Practitioner, the creator of Eutaptics himself, means that you are getting information and teachings directly from someone who holds a complete understanding on why you have problems. But that doesn’t stop there, you have a chance to collapse your problems and become free.

Claim your freedom today! Book a session with Robert G. Smith and let him guide you how to unlock your abilities to make you reach your full potential. Click here to book!


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