Eutaptics and Drug Addiction – You can lead a Healthy Life again

As you’ll see, some of them have been in and out of traditional rehab more than once and were still unable to stay clean. Some knew everything about addiction and recovery there is to know.

Sometimes even when you have the full knowledge about something, like how bad smoking is for you, you still are compelled to stay with a destructive habit. It could be smoking, porn, alcohol, eating, sex, drugs – whatever your poison, you seem unable to stop yourself.


The problem with traditional methods of rehab is that they are a temporary cure. While you’re at the rehab center, under the watchful gaze of a supervisor, you’re all set.

You behave, you think you’ve solved the problem, you vow never to do drugs again, you understand how destructive it is for your health, your family and your life. It’s all good. But once you’re out, and away from those positive influences, you start thinking.

And as soon as your ‘triggers’ come back, you take comfort in the one place you know will provide it – with drugs.


What are triggers and how do they pertain to Eutaptics?

Read about Traumatic Stress Responses here.

It’s your bad feelings or memories that lead you to take comfort in substance abuse. It’s because you want to escape your current reality or they say you were born with an addictive disease because your mother was an addict while you were in the womb.

Well we’re here to tell you that it is all in your control. You are not predestined to live your life by your genes or what the world says.

Your co-dependence on drugs is the result of years of repressed feelings and memories forming intricate behavioral patterns causing you to think that you need drugs to function.

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Here are a few of the most common reasons people use drugs:

You are born defective,

You have a genetic problem,

You have an illness,

You are always going to be addicted,

You are helpless,

You need energy to get out and do something,

You have a physical allergy, etc.


It All Boils Down to Your Emotions

You use drugs or something else as an emotional crutch because you don’t know how to deal with your emotions.

They could be emotions of stress, trauma, depression, anxiety – all or a combination of those. Any feelings that make you feel vulnerable or helpless are the feelings that you try and run from through drug abuse. What if we told you that isn’t the case anymore? That you can overcome this pain without drugs?

Watch Jason’s incredible journey:

What Eutaptics does it break the connection between pain and wanting to use drugs. It helps you to do that, by reimprinting your painful memories so that the source of the problem that created the need for addiction is gone. Or simply, the urge to use drugs can be managed and eventually overcome. This is done by noticing how you feel, where you feel it in your body, and the associated emotions and then tapping on them Eutaptics style.

What is Eutaptics Tapping?

Read and discover the meridian points tapped in Eutaptics

What Eutaptics does is help you change your earliest memories, especially the ones that really bother you. The ones that always trigger a strong negative reaction from you and make you want to use drugs to help you forget the pain. It does that through tapping on the Meridian points as described in the article above.

Most importantly, Eutaptics helps you get rid of the feeling of wanting to get a hit. This is done through working with a high-level practitioner who know that it is all within the mind.

Once you train your mind to see that you do not need drugs to help you cope, your life will change. The addiction is caused through repetitive use of trying to escape something, and over time it becomes routine.

What Eutaptics does is help you not only understand but put into practice gaining control of these impulses.

Book a Session with Robert Smith

A session with the Eutaptics Master Practitioner, the creator of Eutaptics himself, means that you are getting information and teachings directly from someone who holds a complete understanding on why you have problems. But that doesn’t stop there, you have a chance to collapse your problems and become free.

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Breaking the Habit

Routines can be changed. Addictions can be conquered. What you perceive as an addiction is just that – a perception.

All this is achieved through Eutaptics. It’s so easy, effective and most importantly it works if YOU work it. Eutaptics helps you make loving changes to the most painful/negative memories, working from the ground up, and actually changes the physical structure of the neurons in your brain.

Letting your brain know that now, YOU are in conscious control. Once you learn on how to tap on yourself, the sky’s the limit. The whole motto of Eutaptics is to take control. And the most powerful way to make changes is to change limiting beliefs and memories.

Eutaptics can be your salvation if you use it consistently. Because you are the operant power through which anything works – either for your good or for your bad. What we want to tell you is that Eutaptics is the missing key to resolving all your drug abuse problems and addictions.

Here’s what you can do to start right now – Sign up and stay connected with all the latest developments, tools and techniques at Eutaptics. We’re very happy to have you on this journey with us! Come and join us. Peace!

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  • December 19, 2016

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