Addiction Marathon – How to Break the Cycle

You are not allowed to show your emotions so you pick up a needle and give yourself a shot of cocaine or heroin. You can’t bear to think about that traumatic memory again, or you’ll dissolve into a crying heap on the floor, so you take another shot.

You feel that itch that you need to scratch so you pick up that needle again, even without anything particular coming to mind. This is how an addict views his/her world. It’s limited, it’s painful and depressing.


Eutaptics is the Answer to Your Addictions

Why tapping really works, is because it is the only modality that really understands how changing the mindset to why we have problems and how they are generated and created.

Eutaptics comes from the mechanics of the mind, how we process information, inner mechanics of thought, trances of the mind which are created through years of repetitive behaviors, thoughts, habits and reactions.

From the NLP perspective, there is nothing wrong with you, in fact you are successfully creating from your emotional conditioning and inner processing of information, and it is basically a successful trance from your past.

So now it is not blocked energy but rather a creation of the mind built from its inner resources.

That’s why addicts find it hard to free themselves of a habit even though they consciously want to. Because conscious thinking has nothing to do with it. It is all a set of learned behaviors and moods from the past that are running the show.

The memories buried within their subconscious. These are the very same memories that fuel the addiction.

They are usually traumatic memories which the addict doesn’t even consciously remember. And the brilliant thing about Eutaptics is that you don’t have to.

You just have to know how it feels in your body when you think about doing drugs, or taking a hit, or you feel that hunger coming on.

Transform Your Life with Eutaptics

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Defractionation – Interrupting the Trance

Defractionation, in Eutaptics, is when you interrupt the trance of the mind, the part of your brain that runs on autopilot.  This causes an interruption in the complex pattern with a desired outcome in mind, or basically scratches the record of the trance of the problem. The success rate improves when you pull your consciousness away from the program/problem/issue and focus on anything but the issue being addressed. The outcome is the same – an unconscious scratching of the trance recording.

What does “Let it Go” mean?

The set-up phrase is basically an aiming process. We aim directly at the internal representation and allow the unconscious mind to make the changes. Eutaptics aims directly at the trance state by asking you to relive the memory with all its sensory vividness.

Then we tap. The points used with Eutaptics are the key organs bladder, gallbladder, stomach, kidneys, lungs, large intestine, circulation, triple warmer, heart and small intestines.

Since we are starting out with a problem trance and we are ending with the grabbing of the wrist after the deep breath and exhalation we are creating a tranced state of relaxation, a.k.a the Peace state.

What you need to understand is that addictions are programs. They are the result of repeated behavioral patterns formed over years and years. It’s just like learning to drive a car, or to walk, you do it enough times and it becomes automatic. The difference is that with addicts, this program is destructive and often leads to loss of life.

Those who are addicted to drugs like heroin or cocaine, their subconscious made a connection between taking the drugs and feeling good – at least temporarily.

When that good feeling wears off, their brain commands hormones that cause negative feelings like anxiety, depression etc., to be released and the cycle starts all over again.

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Break the cycle with Eutaptics

Here’s how you can free yourself – close your eyes, and think about doing your favorite drug. Make it really vivid, feel it, see it, taste it. You’ll notice your body starting to react and notice how intense this feeling is. Then, if you can, try and remember when you first felt this same feeling. It may have been when you had just received some traumatic news and couldn’t cope with it, or when you lost your job – whatever it is, think back to it.

Focus on the feeling and start using the Eutaptics tapping technique to clear that feeling and flip it, or as we call in Eutaptics, reimprint that memory. Now the compulsion to stop will be there, because you don’t want to relive those bad memories, you don’t want to feel like taking drugs, but bear with us.

Keep tapping until you don’t feel the same intense desire to do drugs. Keep going back to the memories that started all this and begin to clear them out, and flip them.

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Make a promise to yourself that from now on, whenever you feel that urge to take a hit, take a moment and use the Eutaptics tapping technique to clear the feeling that is making you reach for the needle. Tap until the bad feeling has flipped, and the desire to do the during has gone.

You can do it, we have faith in you. Just go ahead and try!

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  • December 23, 2016

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