Overcoming Alcohol and Drug Addiction with Eutaptics

Robert travels to Oahu, Hawaii to visit a rehabilitation center called Habilitat every year. The center adapts an almost similar model to Eutaptics in addressing drug and alcohol addiction.

Theirs is called The Three positive R’s:

1. Remember

2. Remove

3. Replace

This is very similar to Eutaptics’ ART of change. Meaning:

1. Aim

2. Release

3. Transform

Habilitat’s approach on dealing with addiction is not operating though the disease model just like Eutaptics and leads to higher success rate in breaking addictive patterns over the course of several years. Robert Smith shares his experience and insights through this video back in early 2010.


Understanding Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction

People who have severe addiction shares almost similar experiences. More often, they are people carrying traumas from the past and been through a lot of trying times.

Traumas resulting from the following are often an underlying factor in any form of addiction:

1. Sexual abuse

2. Physical abuse

3. Emotional abuse

There are other factors but the three mentioned above are the most common. Because these experiences can leave so much residual pain it can be overwhelming and be difficult to deal with.

To feel better and to “numb out” the pain, some people turn to some substances as a form of escaping predominant painful memories and negative thoughts. In some cases, an individual may not really be addicted to the substance, but simply escaping reality and finding a way to relax.

Finding a way to cope without the substance is a great way to eradicate addiction.

Robert Smith’s Model of Addiction

Robert Smith challenges the idea of mainstream psychology which takes the 12-step model. According to traditional psychology, “once an addict, always an addict.”

Robert does agree with the 12-step model’s idea on acceptance that there is a problem and making peace with the problem and yourself. Moreover, Eutaptics approaches the idea of addiction as simply a hurdle that is impermanent and possibly easy to overcome.

Overcoming alcohol addiction and drug addiction with Eutaptics is safe and noninvasive. In fact, the dangers of Eutaptics are absolutely zero. It is an expansive model that can liberate anyone from any form of addiction.

Addiction If Not Stopped

People with severe addiction often snap out of realty. Addiction can paralyze one’s life and lead to very serious risks.

Severe forms of addiction are often life threatening to self and those around them. However, it is important to understand that turning to a substance to feel numb often tells a different story than simply being an addict. It is a way of coping from the real problems rooted within our consciousness.

Coping and Healing from Alcohol and Drug Addiction with Eutaptics

Understanding and accepting that you need help is of course the initial step. Running away from the problem and turning into habits that are harmful will only keep you within the insidious loop.

By using Eutaptics’ ART of change — aiming, releasing and transforming through tapping you will discover a better way in coping with what triggers your addictive personality.

Eutaptics tapping is a great way to unknot these psychological and emotional traumas out of your current mindset and liberate you from addiction.

There is no such thing as permanent, Eutaptics is a program that aims to provide not only support but a way out of addiction and rediscover life and its purpose.

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