Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Eutaptics programs focused on overcoming addictions are based on solid facts proven to work. With proper application of the techniques through guidance from our community of practitioners, a person can break the addictions in a short period of time - best of all, it can also eliminate the chances of returning to addictive behavior.

The following are the most common questions about addiction:

Is addiction a disease?

The Eutaptics Belief System does not acquiesce to the idea that addiction is a disease. Addiction is viewed in Eutaptics as a pattern of behavior being used by an individual as a way to cope from negative emotions. Addiction is a response used by the mind to escape the current reality that may trigger rise of negative emotions coming from memories.

In understanding the common human response to avoid what can trigger a negative emotion, - Experiential Avoidance, one will discover that it really is just the mind's coping skill. To some, it can be mild addiction to a particular thing or activity, to others moderate and for those who may have experienced something very difficult, they can fall into severe forms of addictions. But whatever the intensity of addiction is, it is better addressed and resolved. Otherwise it will cause more conflict in one's life.

Avoidaholics or escapaholics is a term often used by Robert during his talks when he explains our mental tendencies to always find the easy way out.

Eutaptics is the only mental healing process as of today, that can provide immediate solutions to collapse and reimprint the structure of memories, that consolidate thoughts leading to experiential avoidance - or addictions. Read more about experiential avoidance and obtaining psychological flexibility.

What is the Eutaptics Addiction Protocol?

It is the most powerful addiction tapping tool that can create immediate changes for any person who is suffering from addiction. Eutaptics possess a very stunning success rate in helping people overcome any type of addiction. For people who are suffering from substance abuse, Eutaptics does not only work by eliminating the mental patterns caused by the high, it can breakdown all other constituting factors including and especially the source of why a person wish to escape and turn to drugs.

Is Eutaptics Tapping similar to EFT addictions tapping?

It is not. Although Eutaptics and EFT tapping are always confused with each other and both aims to generally promote healing and wellness. Eutaptics uses physical tangible mechanics based from modern science. Eutaptics uses the ability of the mind to heal, protect and transform itself. EFT on the other hand operates in the belief system based on energy lines and fields of the body. As such, their system of operation relies more manipulating broken energy lines that they claim to be the source of problems.

Eutaptics on the other hand works on manipulating how the records contained within the subconscious and unconscious is encoded, stored and retrieved by the mind. In short, Eutaptics works with memories and emotions, it is the basis of our survival and how we operate within our environments.

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